Website Marketing Tip: Website Speed Affects Google Ranking

B2B Marketing, Web 29 July 2010 | Comments Off

Website speed is one of many methods that Google are using to judge websites quality, which could affect your Google PR and search engine placement. As part of your website marketing plan, you should optimise your web pages load and delivery times. There are many factors that can help, some of these factors are optimising [...]

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SEO Marketing: Five vital facts about Search Engine Optimisation

B2B Marketing, Web 25 November 2009 | Comments Off

SEO marketing, search engine optimisation or natural search marketing, is vital towards raising your business’s online presence and maximising the volume of traffic on your website. So what can it achieve for your brand?
Here at Montage, we’ve distilled the complex world of SEO strategies into five essential facts:
What is SEO?
Consumers rely on search engines to [...]

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SMCG, Motor and Tourism Marketing

B2B Marketing, Design, Interactive, eMarketing 16 November 2009 | Comments Off

Slow moving consumer goods (SMCG), motor and tourism have experienced a downturn as consumer confidence has fallen, but does this really need to be the case?
At Montage, we know that by employing the right marketing techniques, businesses in these sectors can thrive. So what do SMCG retail, motor and tourism have in common and how [...]

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