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Happy Easter from Montage

B2B Marketing, Design, Fun, Interactive, Web 1 April 2015 | Comments Off

It’s Easter, the only time when you’re allowed to put all your eggs in one carton…

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Wishing you a happy valentine’s day

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Here at montage we really do have a passion… a passion for marketing that is!
Let us help you with your marketing.

The snow hasn’t stopped montage!

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Hopefully the snow hasn’t disrupted too many people; we’ve all been busy working on exciting new marketing campaigns for new clients, so far so good for 2013

The Royal App

B2B Marketing, Events and Exhibitions, Fun, Interactive, Web 6 April 2011 | 1 Comment

With the Royal Wedding around the corner event collateral has never been so popular.  Collateral is often used to support and add weight to an event.  However in this case the event collateral will become memorabilia.  Gone are the days of simply producing tea cups and spoons in this day and age the new collateral [...]

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What our parents teach us

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A very sweet example of how we learn from our parents. This banned Volkswagen television advertisement represents the way in which our opinions, behaviour and decisions are instilled in us from an early age. Brands which we are brought up with play an enormous role in decisions we make as adults. Brand reinforcement from an [...]

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BT calls for help from the public through social media

B2B Marketing, Fun, eMarketing 13 July 2010 | Comments Off

For the past 5 years BTs television advertisements have followed the fictional relationship of a young couple Adam and Jane played by actors Kris Marshall and Esther Hall. As the story line heads to an end BT have called for the public to help plan the outcome. Fan pages on facebook have been set up [...]

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The latest from Pantone – The Pantone Hotel

B2B Marketing, Design, Fun 1 July 2010 | Comments Off

Do you need a place to stay in Belgium, where you can soak up some of the local or international colour?

The PANTONE HOTEL invites you to experience the city of Brussels through a lens of colour and a spectrum of comforts. From the moment you arrive, our “hotel of colours” will awaken your senses to [...]

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A way to spend an afternoon

Fun 7 May 2010 | 1 Comment

When I was younger I would never have been able to produce a video like this in only one afternoon.  It shows just how far home editing equipment has come in a very short space of time.  Who knows what we will be able to produce in the coming years. 
Make sure you have your volume [...]

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So you need a typeface?

B2B Marketing, Design, Fun 27 April 2010 | Comments Off

We found a great flowchart that helps with choosing the perfect font for an array of projects – injected with a little humour.

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Little Snow Humour…

Fun 11 January 2010 | Comments Off

Just found this video – thought it was really funny especially as the UK has been going through the "Big Freeze"

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